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Flexjet Ltd Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management by a ‘best in class’ private jet airline.

Let FlairJet simplify aircraft management so you can relax and enjoy your aircraft

We have the infrastructure and technical expertise to support and manage any aircraft. We provide a straightforward and transparent aircraft management service eliminating the ownership challenges of maintenance, crewing, account management and keeping up to date with ever changing aviation regulations. We will organise all of the maintenance requirements, identify and train crew to airline standards and deal with all of the administration associated with the operation of your aircraft.  All of our services comply with new ‘Part-NCC‘ regulations ensuring your aircraft is managed to commercial airline standards whilst remaining as flexible as possible.

Additionally, should you choose to charter your aircraft when you don’t need it, then we can assist in generating an income from charter using our Air Operators Certificate. This income can be used to reduce your net cost of owning an aircraft. As part of the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, we have access to a huge breadth and depth of capability and experience. We are able to negotiate preferential rates for insurance and consumables and have the infrastructure and expertise to manage any aircraft type.

“You can rely on us to provide an exceptional service that is bespoke to you.  Should you require further information about FlairJet and the aircraft management services we offer please complete this Enquiry Form and we would be delighted to contact you.”

– The FlairJet Team

Personal Contact

At FlairJet we have an 24/7 experienced operations team at your disposal, to ensure that all your travel needs are catered for. Just let us know your schedule and we’ll do the rest.

Crew Training

The safe operation of your aircraft is of paramount importance. At FlairJet we take great pride in our training standards. FlairJet crews undertake six monthly proficiency checks in aircraft simulators to ensure that they remain at the peak of their performance.


FlairJet offer complete transparency to our aircraft owners. Through an “app” you will have complete visibility of the movements of your aircraft and you will receive complete financial transparency and a statement of expenses and income that is tailored to your requirements.

Cost Savings

By operating a fleet of aircraft FlairJet is able to negotiate preferential rates for insurance, handling fees and consumables such as fuel. Having a pool of pilots also ensures that a highly trained crew is available at short notice.

Charter Income

FlairJet has considerable experience in the aircraft charter business and is able to charter your aircraft when you are not using it. We are able to optimise the hours that you wish to sell on your asset and, should you decide that you don’t wish to charter the aircraft, then that’s fine – we are able to operate your aircraft solely for you.

Finding an aircraft

The huge number of business jets in the market can make it hard to identify which model meets your requirement most accurately. FlairJet has considerable experience in the business jet market and is able to help you to identify the right aircraft type for your needs whether it be new or pre-owned. We have access to operating cost information and have contact with the aircraft manufacturers and aircraft sales brokers worldwide to ensure that we find you find the best aircraft that your money can buy.

Already found an aircraft?

In the event that you need assistance with the technical acceptance and delivery of an aircraft that you have, or are about to buy, then please take a look at our Aircraft Acceptance and Delivery Services

The safe operation of your prize asset is a major consideration. For more information on FlairJet’s safety initiatives please see Safety at FlairJet

Should you require further information about FlairJet and the management of your aircraft please complete this Enquiry Form and we will be delighted to contact you.