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Is Your Flight Legal?

It is a legal requirement that Charter flights are carried out under an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). An organisation or individual is required to hold this document prior to operating Commercial Air Transport flights. If you are paying to be flown in any aircraft then you must be confident that your operator holds an AOC.

Companies wishing to carry fare-paying passengers have to complete a thorough process by which they provide assurances to their State’s civil aviation authority that they are competent to secure the safe operation of aircraft’. During this process the applicant’s Operations Manual is reviewed, and audits are completed in such areas as management and organisational competence, crew training, aircraft maintenance, aircraft loading, flight planning and fuel planning. Furthermore, once an AOC is granted, the operation is subject to a programme of continuing surveillance.

In the event that your operator does not have the necessary approvals to operate your flight there are no guarantees with regard to the qualifications of the crew, the standards of maintenance or training and you may not be insured.

How do you find out if the charter operator holds an AOC?

You can ask for a copy of the AOC document or speak to the National Aviation Authority that issued the AOC or simply complete the following and we will do the hard work for you.

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