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FlairJet Phenom 300

Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 combines luxury and efficiency making it one of the most popular and cost-effective aircraft in its class.

With a range of over 1900 nautical miles the aircraft is able to cruise at M0.75 and has a remarkable short field performance allowing operation from relatively small but convenient regional airports.

The Phenom 300 is the perfect aircraft for up to 7 passengers flying between the UK and the Mediterranean or from Europe to Russia.

Passenger Seats 7
(depending on passenger numbers)
High Speed Cruise 453kts 495mph
Max Operating Altitude 45,000ft 13,716m
Cabin Length 17.2ft 5.24m
Cabin Height 4.11ft 1.5m
Baggage Volume 66ft3 1.87m3
Year of Manufacture 2015