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If you are frustrated by delays at congested airports, need a flight that runs to your schedule and departs and arrives closer to where you want to be then private jet charter is just for you.

We specialise in helping you optimise your time.  Our aircraft can operate from smaller, more convenient airports and can fly higher, faster and further than many commercial airliners.  We can assist in saving you time by flying to your schedule and getting you home sooner.  We operate a fleet of luxurious, time-saving private aircraft, where you can be assured of discretion, privacy, comfort and the highest level of safety and service.

FlairJet obtained its Air Operators Certificate in 2009 and operates its fleet of aircraft throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Our crew are trained to airline standards and you can be assured of a safe flight at all times. For more information see Safety at FlairJet

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If you are considering chartering an aircraft from an operator you should be aware that it is illegal to advertise or operate a charter without an Air Operators Certificate (AOC). Sadly there are rogue operators who offer charter services without an AOC. These operators may not be insured, may not have trained crew or may have aircraft that have not been maintained according to the regulations. For further guidance please see:

FlairJet EASA Ops AOC

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