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Aircraft Acquisition

Acquiring an aircraft, whether for private or commercial use, is a significant undertaking. FlairJet can ease you through this process.

If you are thinking of purchasing an aircraft we can help you to identify the right type of aircraft for your needs and, using our network of contacts, we can find a suitable aircraft that meets your specification. We are able to negotiate on your behalf and explain the most cost effective ownership solution for you.

Whether your chosen aircraft is new or available on the resale market, we can take care of the regulatory issues, carry out the required inspections, liaise with the relevant National Aviation Authority and organise delivery of your aircraft.

FlairJet have contacts at all of the major executive aircraft manufacturers, including Embraer, Cessna, Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream. We can help you through the complexities of equipment specification, warranties and finance for new aircraft purchases.